Hello! I'm Whitlee Lusk, a graphic designer, creative strategist, and visual storyteller.


Alabama Magazine
Alabama Weddings Magazine
American Advertising Federation
B Metro Magazine
Birmingham Home & Garden
Cottage Hill Magazine
Garden & Gun Magazine
RSVP Montgomery Magazine
Two Bright Lights


Brand Strategy
Content Creation
Logo Development
Print Material
Re-Brand Strategy
Styled Photo Shoot
Visual Identity
Website Design


Design is thinking made visual
— Saul Bass

I enjoy making things look beautiful, but also concentrate on functionality and simplicity within my work.  Design isn't just what my degree is in, it's mostly what drives me, what makes my heart tick, and what plays in my head nearly 24 hours a day. I find inspiration from all parts of life - good and bad, intricate and simple, tangible and intangible. My ultimate goal is to guide people in the way of creativity, to raise awareness of the importance of good design, and to offer my help to those willing to create something that's beautiful, useful, desirable, and timeless.


Each client will define and highlight key elements about the brand they wish to create, estimate their budget, and provide the types of design they are interested in: complete branding package, logo design, business cards, brochures, web design, etc.

After I have read and researched the material from the questionnaire, it is important that I communicate with the client over the phone and by email to explore and determine the visual design of the brand. It is also very helpful if the client sends visual inspiration to my email.

Proposal and Cost Estimate
Based on the content of the questionnaire and communication with the client, I will establish an outline covering each detail of the brand's production along with an estimate that breaks down each element of the branding package that the client is interested in creating.

Preliminary Comps
Drafted designs for the logo will begin via email.

Mood Boards
A collection of colors, complimentary fonts, patterns, imagery, and/or textures will be presented alongside the logo to tie the brand together.

Business Cards / Brochures / Lookbooks
Based on the client's needs, design for any or all of these pieces will begin. Design of additional marketing and advertising pieces can be discussed.

Web Design
With the new aesthetic, a website and/or blog will be created in connection with the client's intentions, needs, and budget.

Social Media and Blog
The use of social media and blogging is highly recommended and can also be installed and featured on your website.

At the beginning, an estimate will be given to the client. Once approved, a 50% deposit is required in order to begin design work. Please note that items such as business cards, brochures, lookbooks, or any other materials are outsourced and will require a company or personal credit card for full payment. Upon completion, the remaining balance is required in order to receive possession of your brand's files and artwork.

Options and Extra Information
Please note that each step to defining your brand is very important; however, each step is not required. If your company already has a logo, it must be sent to me in an .eps format.